Information Package

Your ad design is included in your ad rate for sixth, third and half panel ads.

All ads are carefully designed and produced by Go Design LLC, using a photo and information you provide. You are allowed 1 alteration at no charge, and further changes will be additional. Our goal is to give you a great looking ad in the brochure, so we recommend you provide a high quality digital photo with rich color, and keep your text brief so that your photo can be as large as possible
within the ad.

Advertising Sizes & Rates

Full Panel 3-1/4″ × 8-1/8″ $3930
Back Panel 3-1/4″ × 8-1/8″ $4780
Front Cover 3-1/4″ × 4-1/4″ $5775
Sixth Panel 3-1/4″ × 1-1/4″ $ 790
Third Panel 3-1/4″ × 2-5/8″ $1520
Half Panel 3-1/4″ × 4″ $2070

This is the information we will need to produce your new ad or change your existing ad:

1. Ad Size & Publication
2. Business Name
3. Phone Number
4. Website address (optional)
5. Informative text about your business
(approximate word count: sixth panel = 20 words;
third panel = 40-50 words; half panel = 60-75 words)
6. Hours of Operation (if applicable)
7. Address & City
8. Digital Photo or Illustration: tif, jpg, or pdf at 300 dpi, suitable for 3-1/8″ width
9. To ensure quality, accuracy and timely submission of your ad, you must email your info to
It’s that easy!

Note: For full panel ads only, the advertiser may supply a print-ready pdf, jpg, or tif at 300 dpi, or we will be glad to create your ad design for $175.

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